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Silk Scarves are stylish, versatile and practical, perfect for elevating your outfit and also make beautiful gifts. I have two sizes of scarf in my collection, a generous 180 x 60cm scarf, which can be worn in a pashmina style for formal occasions and tied or draped in many different ways for daywear, for a real contemporary look, tie them around handbag handles or wear as a sarong over beach/spa wear. The other size is a small 46 x 46cm square and can be worn as a small neckerchief, pocket square or headscarf, perfect for adding a touch of colour to an outfit, the possibilities are endless!

Five of my special limited edition images are recreated in silk for this contemporary, luxurious collection. Blue Agapanthus, Poppy Sunburst, Dappled Pines, Golden Canopy and Geum. The full image is printed across the entire scarf, creating beautiful, abstract shapes and colour however tied; very flattering on the face and no two wearings are the same.

Each scarf captures a special, seasonal moment. I love the idea that you can be physically outside in nature, but you can also physically wrap yourself in a photograph of nature, and this idea is what inspired me to create this new collection.

I'm proud to say my scarves are expertly printed and made in the UK by The Silk Bureau, using a fine quality 100% Chinese Silk, 'Satin Chiffon'. I chose this particular fabric as it's fluid, soft to the skin and warm yet cool. The colours have an intense jewel-like quality which 'pop' under lights and in direct sunlight and the translucency of the fabric is similar to that of flower petals. Each scarf is presented in a white box with bespoke packaging and a complimentary bookmark, featuring the image you have chosen and details of where it was taken.

Bespoke Silk Scarf commissions are available, please contact me for more details.

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Fashion images by my wonderful friend, Gavin Kemp - Photographer & Filmmaker.