Photographing Flowers & Nature
Hi, I'm Nickola, a fine art, flower and garden photographer based on the Nottinghamshire-Derbyshire border and I photograph the beauty of flowers and nature. I frequently visit parks, woodlands, gardens and nature reserves in and around my area, photographing them as they change throughout the year. I have a beautiful collection of Open and Limited Edition prints, and have recently launched a luxurious Silk Scarf Collection, recreating beautiful images from my Limited Edition Print Collection, on silk. I am available for special commissions and I also freelance to Getty Images. Getty Images Portfolio

I pride myself on producing completely natural imagery, shot in natural daylight, with only the most basic amount of correction, be it lightening an image slightly or removing a black speck of dust! My philosophy is nature is completely beautiful on her own, she has her own spirit and energy and doesn't need help or enhancing with filters or heavy editing. I try to capture what's really there, so you can believe that what you see is real.

My background is in Graphic Design and I'm also a passionate gardener and fencer/coach, the sword-fighting variety! (When I'm not out with my camera I'm usually in the garden or hitting people with swords!) I tend to think of myself as a designer with a camera, in that I naturally look for designs that flowers themselves create. I try to capture the energy, light and weather of the day and how the subject sits in its surroundings, even if it’s blowing a gale and the image isn’t completely in focus. I love the jewel-like quality and impressionistic, abstract effects created by natural sunlight through leaves, petals and water droplets, often these details are difficult to see until captured through the lens. My aim is to produce imagery that enhances your wellbeing, living and work space and lifts your spirits every day. Prints & Wellbeing.

How It All Started
It all started 25 years ago whilst I was studying for my B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design, a big part of the course was photography and I would spend many a happy day photographing in flowers beds, under trees and in the shrubbery!

Moving on a few years, whilst running my own business designing wedding stationery and logos, my Mum had her own floristry business and was a creative floral designer, she used to set me the task of photographing her stunning bridal bouquets, pedestals and other work for her brochures and other media, I appeared to have a certain flair for it and after many years as a designer I decided to change direction, realising photography was already a big part of my life and what I really wanted to do. I haven't forgotten my design roots, far from it! It's with me all the time, whether out photographing, designing silk scarves and the beautiful packaging that goes with them!

I hope you enjoy my work, if there is anything you would like to see or ask about please get in touch.